Relay For Life – PRC Relay

Parkway Running Club is partnering with Relay For a Life and has created a fun running event as part of the festivities. 
The Relay for Life is from 6 pm-1 am. Our fun run relay would be at 8:30 PM, and it would only take an hour or less of your time on a Friday night.
Create a team (of as many participants as you desire) and run a 3 mile relay in what ever fashion you design…
EXAMPLE: runner 1 runs an 800, runner 2 runs 2 miles, runner 3 runs a 400 and runner 4 runs a 400. Total: 3 Miles
We would love to have a strong PRC turnout.  As you all know, our friend and Club member Bob  is battling cancer and many have been wondering what else we can do for him.
We will run this for Bob, dedicate it to him, and help raise some money in Bob’s name in the fight against cancer!

Walter’s Run initial meeting

This post is meant for Erin, Jim, Colleen, Reyna, Brian, Cindy and JulieO.  Did I miss anyone?

Goal is to find a date for a kickoff Walter’s Run 2015 meeting that works for us.  Use the comments below to let us know if you can make the dates.  Reyna/Brian, please start the comments with your proposed dates and times.

We can meet at my house, happy to host and it is central for all.

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