Walter’s Run initial meeting

This post is meant for Erin, Jim, Colleen, Reyna, Brian, Cindy and JulieO.  Did I miss anyone?

Goal is to find a date for a kickoff Walter’s Run 2015 meeting that works for us.  Use the comments below to let us know if you can make the dates.  Reyna/Brian, please start the comments with your proposed dates and times.

We can meet at my house, happy to host and it is central for all.

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  • For me, Sunday evenings would work well. The week of 5/10 I could do: Sunday 5/10, Monday 5/11, Tuesday 5/12; potentially friday 5/15. The week of 5/17 – sunday, monday, tuesday, wed, thur. Reyna

  • Any night Sun-Thurs. Please keep in mind Reyna and I just want to have one meeting in the next 1-2 weeks to kickstart WR2015 and get everyone on the same page. This is NOT meant to be our regular meeting time moving forward. We can determine that down the road when we need to meet more regularly.
    Thanks All.

  • THe following are OK for me:
    Sun 5/10
    Mon, 5/11 (not ideal but can do it)
    Away 5/13 – return 5/18.
    Can do Mon 5/18, Tues 5/19 or Weds, 5/20 pm
    Sunday eves generally good overall, too.
    Thanks for getting the ball rolling early.

  • How about this Sunday evening? Note that it is Mother’s day.

  • I’m around Sunday night.

  • I can do this sunday.

  • Sunday evening 5/10 is good. Monday 5/11 at 8:00 or after. Tuesday 5/12 at 8;00 or after. Friday 5/15. Wednesday and Thursday next week are probably not good.

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