PRC Scheduled Weekly Runs

  • Tuesday morning – 5:30 am from YMCA. All paces welcome.
  • Tuesday evening – 6:45 pm from YMCA.
  • Tuesday coached track workouts – 6:45 pm at Catholic Memorial track. June/July/August
  • Tuesday coached track workouts – 6:30 pm at Catholic Memorial track. September
  • Thursday morning – 5:30 am from YMCA. All paces welcome.
  • Thursday evening – 6:45 pm from YMCA.
  • Saturday morning – 8:30 am from YMCA. Longer run.
  • Saturday morning in summer – 7:45 am and 8:30 am from YMCA.
    In warm weather, many people like to get an earlier start to their weekend runs.  To keep us running together as much as possible, we’ll plan to have an early group meet at the Y at 7:45 and start running by 7:50, and circle back to the Y at 8:30. In order to make this work, the 8:30 group has to be ready to start running at 8:30.  So they should plan to be at the Y by 8:15. The two groups should meet at the top of the stairs on Centre St. at 8:30.  Hopefully this will let us keep the group runs working as well as possible.
  • Sunday morning in Spring/Summer/Fall – 9 am from Arnold Arboretum, Walter Street Gate.  This is a large group. Very social. Slower pace. Running routes through Forest Hills Cemetery, Jamaica Pond, Arnold Arboretum.
  • Sunday morning in winter – 9 am from Larz Anderson parking lot just below ice rink.  This is a large group. Very social. Slower pace. Running routes around reservoir, Brookline, etc.

All runs begin and end at the Parkway Community  YMCA (1972 Centre Street in West Roxbury) except Sundays which begin and end at the Walter Street Gate of the Arnold Arboretum or Larz Anderson Park.

On a normal Tuesday or Thursday night, PRCers run 4-8 miles at a pace of 7-11 minute miles.  See our popular running routes. Number of runners range from 5 to 30 depending on time of year, weather, etc. We all start together and then split into separate groups depending on speed and distance. We run routes where it is easy to cut off or add on to adjust your mileage. Many runners are training for short races and marathons. Nobody runs alone and everyone is really friendly. We have every type of runner – speedies, casual runners, moms with baby joggers, old and young, men and women, etc.

Newcomers – ask whoever is at the YMCA front desk where the running club is (we are usually stretching/waiting/chatting in the parking lot or near the pool). Come by and run with us to see if you like it! A Sunday run is always a good start for a new PRC member as it gets a big crowd and is more casual. We ask that runners who continue to enjoy our runs to join PRC. Membership is always open — we love new members! You do not need to be a YMCA member to join PRC, but we encourage it. We like to be good to our gracious hosts. Also, PRC members receive a discount off YMCA memberships.

Come run with us!

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