Marathon Long Run #1 – March 14, 2015 – RUNNERS

PRC sponsors two runs on the Boston marathon course with support in the form of a ride out to Hopkinton, water stops along the way, and a ride back to the West Roxbury YMCA.

Run #1 is March 14, 2015 and will go off from Hopkinton at 8:30 am SHARP.  There will be a car caravan leaving from the Y at 7:15 a.m. so as to be in Hopkinton in time to start running by 8:30.

This will be a 20 mile run from Hopkinton to just beyond the intersection in Newton of Centre St and Commonwealth ave. If you want to go further than that, you will need to run beyond and double back to the 20mile point to get a ride back to the WR YMCA. If you are planning to run shorter than that, you may need to make alternate arrangements to get picked up for a ride back unless you stop at our water stop just after mile 17.

If you are planning to be a runner on the FIRST run, comment below by 3-7-15 with —

  • Your name
  • The distance you plan to run
  • What your pace will be
  • How long you think you will take. (In other words, don’t make me do the math)
  • Your mobile # (remember, this post is visible to PRC members only)

 Thanks to all, Reyna

Questions/comments also welcomed below.  Once the runner list is finalized, it will be posted as an update here.