Summer Track Workouts (Coached

Date - 06/21/2016
Time - 6:45 pm - 7:45 pm
Location - Catholic Memorial Track

Coach Noel Vigue will be back for our track workouts beginning on Tuesday evening, May 24th, and going every Tuesday into August.  We meet at the Catholic Memorial track and begin at 6:45 sharp with dynamic stretching.  Noel will design the weekly workouts, with a series of levels for various paces and goal distances.

NEWBIES — We get a great turnout at the track.  Come run with us.  This is a great way to spend some quality time with PRCers that you normally don’t run with (even if that quality time is whizzing by…).  Doing some work at the track can really help your pacing, whether or not you are training for a particular race.   This is a hard workout for runners of all abilities and it is fun too!

Noel will coach the following workouts – on the weeks he is not available, we can use one of his earlier workouts or design our own.

  1. 5/24
  2. 5/31
  3. 6/7
  4. 6/14
  5. 6/21
  6. Noel vacation, on our own
  7. 7/5
  8. 7/12
  9. 7/19
  10. 7/26
  11. 8/2
  12. 8/9 extra date or rain date if necessary.

After that, we’ll continue on our own for a few more weeks to close out August.


Watch your email on Tuesdays – Noel will send out the track workouts and we will alert by 5pm any postponements due to weather or unavailability of the track.  Keep in mind that there is usually room for the kids to play around on the field while you are getting in your run and we sometimes head out for a snack after the workout.

These coached track workouts are free to PRC members.  If you have a friend who is not a Club member who wants to come, they are welcome to come once to check it out, after one visit we ask that they join the Club in order to participate.

See you at the track!

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