Sat. morning run

Date - 02/07/2015
Time - 8:30 am - 10:00 am
Location - West Roxbury YMCA

There are 5 mile, 9 mile and 12 mile options. We are headed out toward Heartbreak Hill.

  • We will leave the Y and head up Corey St  to Vine to Brookline and follow that to Dedham St.
  • The 5 milers will turn left on Dedham St/Baker and go back via Brookfarm Rd and Lagrange.
  • The rest will turn right on Dedham St and follow that all the way to Winchester St.
  •  The 9 milers will turn left and follow Winchester to Nohantan to Dedham St  back to the 5 mile course.
  • The 12 milers turn right on winchester to Centre to Comm Ave.

If anyone is planning to do less than 5 we can figure out a route in the morning.

Below are links to each map

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